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A Report from our Tournament Organiser

Competition Report
May 2015
Winter Postal League
The results of the winter postal leagues are now available. We entered teams into competitions run by two organisations. The Surrey County postal league was a Frostbite round (3 dozen 30m on 80cm face) with a Warwick round (2 dozen 60 yrds & 2 dozen @ 50 yrds) for longbows. The BA league ran both Frostbite and indoor Portsmouth competitions. Each league is sub-divided into divisions of 6 teams based on estimated scores and run on a round robin format with points given for each monthly round.
The results are: -
• BA Portsmouth – Recurve division 31 – 2nd place with monthly top scores awarded to Justin twice.
• BA Portsmouth – Recurve division 45 – 4th place with a monthly top score awarded to Barbara W in November
• BA Portsmouth – Junior recurve division 1 – 6th place – mostly due to lack of scores to enter
• BA Portsmouth – Compound division 17 – 6th place – mostly due to lack of scores to enter
• BA Frostbite – Recurve division 23 – 2nd place with monthly top scores awarded to Barbara L three times and to Justin once.
• BA Frostbite – Junior division 1 – 3rd place
• Surrey Frostbite – Recurve division 3 – 5th place
• Surrey Frostbite – Recurve division 6 – 2nd place
• Surrey Frostbite – Junior division 1 – 1st place
• Surrey Frostbite – Junior division 2 – 3rd place
• Surrey Frostbite – Compound division 2 – 5th place
• Surrey Warwick – Longbow division 3 – 1st place
The summer season has started well with representatives of RRAC at 10 shoots so far this season coming away with prizes from all of them!
The season started with the Spelthorne Special on Easter Monday, an unofficial round of 70 & 45 yards with hidden scores on each target so everyone has a chance to win. Of the eight RRAC members taking part prizes of Easter Eggs were won by Alan C, Kyla-Mae & Barbara L. Eleanor & Kyla-Mae tied 1st on exactly the same score, hits & golds on the junior round.
The first proper competition was at Crystal Palace, a York / Hereford / Bristols round. Seven of RRAC took part with Eleanor & Kyla-Mae both taking silver medals. A good start early in the season.
The next weekend at Andover saw Marshall & Eleanor come away with bronze medals for York & Bristol rounds..
The Surrey Spring Longbow shoot, a 2-way Western round in early May was well supported with ten of our club participating. Sabina came away with a 1st place (actually a silver medal as Longbows like to do things differently!). The team of Marshall, Sabina & Steve took the club team award.

The following day, Marshall, Eleanor & Kyla-Mae came away with more gold medals at West Windsors shoot.
Back at Andover the next weekend, four of the club tried their hand at WA1440 rounds and resulted in two bronze medals for Sabina & Marshall.
SCAM (Southern Counties Archery Meeting) takes place mid-week in the lovely surroundings in Winchester. On Tuesday there was a longbow day with 3 club members taking part. On Wednesday & Thursday there is a double York / Hereford round. Wednesday was a lovely warm, calm day but on Thursday the heavy rain affected the targets so badly the day was abandoned at lunch-time after completing only 4 dozen. Friday is a Long National Round handicapped on the previous 2 days score. A rather ‘old fashioned’ shoot with paperwork dealt with by post and the highlight – mid-morning & mid-afternoon tea trays for each target, complete with china cups & saucers, pots of tea, coffee, sugar & biscuits and flasks of hot water! Barbara L successfully collected a 5th place brooch, a trophy for the best 60yrd score, the County team trophy and 10th place prize (beer and a dole mug) for the handicap day.
At Wilford in Nottingham, Eleanor took the best junior lady prize.
Over the Spring Bank Holiday weekend RRAC descended on-mass to the Middlesex County Champs with a grand total of 17 people participating on one or both days. Eleanor, Imogen B & Oliver won gold medals as junior visitors on Sunday. Team awards were won by the junior team of Eleanor, Kyla-Mae & Lara and longbow team of Sabina & Andrew. On Monday Oliver took Gold, Eleanor Silver & Marshall 4th place for which they receive commemorative spoons.
The final competition in May was Brighton Bowman double WA70m round where 5 members battled very windy & on Sunday wet weather followed by a Head to Head round for which Barbara W won 2nd prize.
RRAC American Handicap Trophy
Eleven hardy members braved strong winds to take part in the clubs American handicap trophy competition. All bow-types and abilities take part on an equal footing using a handicap system. Results were..

Place Member Bow Class Round Score Current Handicap Allowance Total
1 David W Traditional American 369 65 1105 1474
2 Polly Recurve Short Junior American 595 78 878 1473
3 Kevin Barebow American 466 59 989 1455
4 Barry Recurve American 469 57 953 1422
5 Chris Recurve American 586 48 821 1407
6 Julia Recurve American 503 54 904 1407
7 David M Recurve American 532 50 846 1378
8 Barbara L Recurve American 652 36 713 1365
9 Mark G Recurve American 521 44 778 1299
10 Barbara W Traditional American 293 52 874 1167
11 Sarah Barebow American 154 58 971 1125

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