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Achievements since August

Our club members have been busy setting and breaking Club and County Records. The last three and a half months have seen 85 new club records and 16 new Surrey records. The County records were achieved by Clara Auer, Joschka Auer (responsible for seven new Surrey records), Sabina Browne, Eleanor Cole, Sarah Gibbs, Barbara Littlechild and Barbara Wanzenried. The updated Club Records can be viewed here RRAC Club Records

In addition the following new classifications were achieved:

Junior Bowman:
Joschka Auer, Gentlemen U12, Longbow

First Class:
Alex Arcidiacono, Gentlemen, Barebow
Barbara Jankowska, Ladies U14, Recurve
Caroline Payne, Ladies, Barebow
Oliver Tse, Gentlemen U16, Barebow
Alan Want, Gentlemen, Longbow

Second Class:
Alex Arcidiacono, Gentlemen, Recurve
David Barnes, Gentlemen, Recurve
David Mason, Gentlemen, Recurve
John Matossian, Gentlemen, Longbow
Steve Patterson, Gentlemen, Compound
Mikhail Trufanov, Gentlemen, Recurve
Oliver Tse, Gentlemen U16, Longbow

Third Class:
Ingo Auer, Gentlemen, Recurve
David Beckett, Gentlemen, Recurve
Catherine Roberts, Ladies, Recurve
James Skidmore, Gentlemen, Recurve
Funda Topaloglu, Ladies, Traditional
Kevin Varney, Gentlemen, Longbow
Barbara Wanzenried, Ladies, Longbow
Michael Watts, Gentlemen, Recurve

Well done and congratulations to everyone on their achievement.

Barbara Wanzenried
Records Officer
Royal Richmond Archery Club

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