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Our committee

Here you’ll find details of all our dedicated committee members…

    • Alan Want

      Alan Want

      Chairman and President of the Summer Clubs

    • Steve Patterson

      Steve Patterson

      Vice Chairman and Lead Coach

    • Andrew Murray-Playfair

      Andrew Murray-Playfair

      Club Secretary

    • Barbara Littlechild

      Barbara Littlechild

      Fixtures Officer

    • Barbara Wanzenried

      Barbara Wanzenried

      Treasurer/Records Officer

    • Barbie Cole

      Barbie Cole

      Membership Secretary

    • Sabina Murray-Playfair

      Sabina Murray-Playfair

      Club Events

    • Sarah Gibbs

      Sarah Gibbs

      Child Protection and Vulnerable Adults Officer and Coach

    • Germaine Plunkett

      Germaine Plunkett

      Beginners’ Liaison Officer

    • Mark Somerton

      Mark Somerton

      Webmaster and Communications Officer

    • Kevin Varney

      Kevin Varney

      Deputy Lead Coach and Junior Coach

    • David Wardrop

      David Wardrop


    • Alan Cumbers

      Alan Cumbers

      Equipments Officer

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