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RRAC useful information for archers

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Child Protection Policy

Archery Etiquette.

Upon arrival:

· Greet field captain and discuss distance you wish to shoot

· Assist with target preparation/field layout if necessary

· Set up equipment quietly, request assistance if required

· Go to your target and wait for shooting to commence


· Generally archers shoot 6 arrows (called an “end”) in two sets of 3s.

· Generally six arrows called sighters are allowed to get your eye in.

· The first archer(s) to go up to shoot three arrows are designated the “First Detail”, whilst the second archer(s) become the “Second Detail”.

· During sighters and the first scoring end of arrows, the First Detail go up to the line first. However, after that the two details alternate, as follows:

Sighters: First Detail, then Second

1st End: First Detail, then Second

2nd End: Second Detail, then First

Technically, this is so that all archers get an equal chance (by rotating) to shoot at an empty target face (it’s not fair if every time the gold has already filled up by the time you get to shoot)

· Once you have shot your arrows (whether it is the initial 3 or all 6) you must move back to the waiting line

· Always be vigilant and prepared to call “Fast” (the universal archery emergency phrase) if you spot a hazard, or respond immediately to the “Fast” call by stopping shooting and returning to the waiting line until the all clear is given

· Never step over the shooting line unless the whistle to collect has been blown

· Heed the whistles: 1 whistle means you can approach the shooting line, 3 whistles means that you can approach the targets to collect arrows

· Be mindful of arrows hidden in grass as you approach the targets; if you see any, carefully remove them from the grass and lay them clearly on top of the grass at the exact spot you found them so the owner can gauge their sighting accordingly

· Don’t touch arrows in the target until all scoring has been completed

· Don’t collect your lost arrows until your scorer is happy that your score has been recorded

· Always assist other archers to look for their arrows, one day you’ll need them to help you!

Completion of shooting:

· Thank the field captain (generally someone calls for three cheers)

· Thank your scorer

· Acknowledge all the other archers sharing your target

· Check and sign the completed scoresheet (quick tip if you can’t be bothered to check all the addition, if at the end of the round you have an even number of total hits, then your overall score will be an even number, and if you have an odd number of total hits, your total score will be odd.

· Assist with putting targets and signs away before you put your own equipment away

Please click /perch/resources/gnasfita-rounds-2.pdf here to download a pdf of rounds that are shot in archery.

Click here for the pdf.

Click here for the pdf.

Child Protection Policy

We are fully committed in safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults by:

Royal Richmond Archery clubs guidelines are based on Archery GB’s Policy for Safeguarding Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults which is mandatory for archery clubs to follow. The Archery GB Policy can be viewed on their website

Children and young people refer to people under the age of 18.

Vulnerable adults are those over the age of 18, who may be elderly, physically and/or mentally disabled, or have learning difficulties.

Abuse is any form of physical, emotional or sexual mistreatment, or lack of care that leads to injury or harm. Abusers can be male or female. An individual might abuse or neglect a child, young person or vulnerable adult directly, or may be responsible for abuse because they fail to prevent another person harming them.

Sarah Gibbs has been appointed Child Protection Officer for Royal Richmond Archery Club. She is the first point of contact to report any concern regarding an abuse and can be contacted at any club core shooting time, by email at or on her mobile 07722503358. Alternatively the Club Chairman or Secretary may be contacted.

Apart from Club Members, this Code also applies to all visitors to the Club including those participating in archery courses.

We, Royal Richmond Archery Club, will adhere to the following Code based on the Archery GB Policy for Safeguarding Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults.

1. Bullying will not be tolerated.

2. For juniors under the age of 10 years a parent or designated responsible adult must be present at all Club archery sessions and events, and will be responsible for the care of that junior.

3. If an adult responsible for a junior, aged between 11 and 18 years wishes not to remain with that young person during any Club archery sessions or events, they must agree to the following conditions:

4. A Junior Consent Form, outlining conditions of membership and contact details, as well as any relevant medical conditions, must be completed by the parent/guardian. The Junior Consent Form may not include email addresses or mobile phone numbers belonging to members that are children or young people.

5. A contact list of all children and young people, that are Royal Richmond archery club Members, is kept at the Club during shooting sessions and at all Club events. This list will only be accessible to the Child Protection Officer, Archery Coach/Instructors and the Club Chairman – in cases of emergency other specifically designated Committee Members may have access to the list.

6. Members who are children, young people or vulnerable adults may only shoot when supervised by at least 2 adults, one of whom must be an Archery GB registered Club Member. If only 2 adults are able to be present, then only 1 may shoot at any one time. At least 2 adults must be present when young members or vulnerable adults arrive and until they have all departed.

7. All Archery Coaches and Instructors and any other Club Members with regular access to children, young people and vulnerable adults, and all those responsible for the Club’s Child Protection Policy within the Club, will undergo a DBS screening process that will be re-processed every 3 years.

8. If a child, young person or vulnerable adult has a medical condition which may in any way affect their shooting, they should inform either the Child Protection Officer or an Archery Coach who will advise the best course of action. This will be dealt with confidentially where possible.

9. Any photographs or videos taken at Club shooting sessions or events, which may include children, young people or vulnerable adults should be logged, and a record kept by the Field Captain of the day, or Child Protection Officer – this helps prevent photographs or videos of children, young people or vulnerable adults from later being manipulated and added to inappropriate websites.

Club Members should check and report anyone seen to be taking photographs or videos of children, young people or vulnerable adults.

10. The use of offensive language, such as swearing, will not be tolerated in the presence of children, young people and vulnerable adults, and will at all times be challenged.

11. No one is permitted to shoot whilst under the influence of alcohol. Adults may consume a moderate amount of alcohol at social Club events only after shooting sessions have completely ceased and all shooting equipment has safely been locked away. Adults may not offer or purchase alcohol for people under the age of 18 years.

12. Children and young people may not be taken on car journeys by any Club Member unless the child/ young people has the away / practice shoot consent form. All forms of transportation must be provided by parents or guardians.

13. The personal life, beliefs and religious faith of a Club Member must be respected at all times, regardless of their age, gender, colour or ethnicity.

14. No one should engage in rough, physical or sexually suggestive games at the Club with any child, young person or vulnerable adult.

15. Any physical contact with a child, young person or vulnerable adult should be made in an open and non-threatening manner, and kept to a minimum. Physical contact should only occur when absolutely necessary.

16. Any sexually suggestive comments made by adults to children, young people or vulnerable adults are deemed inappropriate, even in fun, and should not be made.

17. No one may reduce a child, young person or vulnerable adults to tears as a form of control.

18. Any accident involving a child, young person or vulnerable adult, however minor, must be reported to the Club Chairman or Child Protection Officer and recorded in the Club’s Accident Book, and the parents/guardians must be informed of the incident as soon as possible.

19. It will be the responsibility of every Club Member, and also the parents/guardians of children and young people attending the Club, to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone else whilst participating in Club shooting sessions and other Club events.

20. Any complaint made about a Club Member will be dealt with in a timely and confidential manner, and in accordance with the Club’s Constitution and Disciplinary Code, as well as Archery GB’s Policy for Safeguarding Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults.

21. All allegations of abuse, irrespective of how trivial they may seem, must be reported to the Child Protection Officer.

22. If anyone suspects that a child, young person or vulnerable adult is being abused – be it sexually, physically or emotionally – or neglected, either within or outside the Club, they should inform the Club Child Protection Officer. It is not the responsibility of anyone involved in archery to decide that a person is being abused but it is their responsibility to act upon their concerns.

Never dismiss what a child, young person or vulnerable adult tells you as “lies” or “exaggeration” – the worst possible thing you can do is to ignore it.

Some useful contact numbers are:

NSPCC Helpline – 0808 800 5000 (24 hours)
Child Line – 0800 1111 (24 hours)

Richmond Police – 0208 247 8320

Child Protection in Sport Unit – 0116 234 7278

Archery GB Child Protection – 01952 677 888

For detailed guidance refer to Section 4 of the Archery GB Policy – a copy is kept by the Child Protection Officer; it is also available to view on the Archery GB website

Any concerns regarding the welfare of a child, young person or vulnerable adult should be reported to the Club Child Protection Officer immediately. They will report possible abuse or neglect to the Police and/or Children’s Social Care Services.

If a child, young person or vulnerable adult tells you about abusive behaviour:

Every effort will be made to ensure that confidentiality is maintained for all concerned.

The Club Child Protection Officer must refer the matter to the Club Chairman or other appropriate Club Committe Member. They must also inform the Police and/or Social Services regarding a case of possible abuse, as well as the Archery GB Child Protection Officer by phone, without delay – an Incident Report Form will also be completed to all, within 24 hours.

If the incident is not serious, and can be resolved at Club level, it should be referred to the Archery County/Regional Officer and then, if necessary, to the Archery GB Child Protection Officer.

Where a complaint has been made against a Club Member, a written acknowledgement will be sent immediately to the person making the complaint, by the Club Chairman. Every effort will be made to inform all parties concerned about the outcome of the investigation, in writing, within 30 days.

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